Stephen Wagner

Originally from: Atascadero, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2003

Passion: Helping people process their emotions

Bio: Executive Director at JFA / Full-time pro-life work since 2001 / B.M. in Music Education, USC / Co-Creator of the JFA Training Program, 2003-2008 / Director of Training at JFA from 2009-2014 / Author of Common Ground Without Compromise

Free Time: Surprising people / Writing songs

Links: Bio / Blog / FB / Support Steve

Catherine Wurts

Originally from: Ventura, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Mentoring youth to seek and share truth with love (Psalm 85:11)

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2009 / Sign language interpreter 2002-2008 / B.A. Deaf Studies from CSUN

Free Time: Thunderstorms and rock climbing

Links: Newsletters / Support Catherine

Jonathan Wagner

Originally from: Atascadero, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Great arguments change hearts & minds most effectively in the context of great love

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2007 / BA in Business Administration from APU

Free Time: Soccer / Tennis / Teach in church youth group / Mentoring kids and adults

Links: FB / Support Jonathan

Paul Kulas

Originally from: Fountain City, WI

JFA Junkie since: 2005

Passion: Help make abortion become equally as tragic as injustices done to born children

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 1998 / Director of Operations at JFA

Free Time: Playing board games with friends & family / Hanging out with my wife and 7 kids

Links: Support Paul

Rebecca Haschke

Originally from: Wide Open Spaces

JFA Junkie since: 2008

Passion: Teaching participants how to respectfully discuss controversial topics

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2009 / B.S. in Business Administration and B.S. in Education & Human Sciences (Spanish) from UNL

Free Time: Campfires / Running / Spending time with family / Being outdoors

Links: Support Rebecca / Gallery

C.E. (Bubba) Garrett

Originally from: Pensacola, FL

JFA Junkie since: 2002

Passion: Equipping the next generation to stand for truth

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2001 / Capt. USMC / B.A. in Biology & History from  Huntingdon College / B.S. in Health, Rec. & Sports from UWF / Married 40 years / Proud parent of 3 biological kids, 6 generic kids

Free Time: Reading / Biking / Hanging with family

Links: Support Bubba / Gallery

Tammy Cook

Originally from: Wichita, KS

JFA Junkie since: 1996

Passion: Teaching others to use their voice to speak up for unborn children who have no voice

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 1996 / Married to Kevin since 1980 / Mother of 3 / B.A. Interior Design / Human Resource Director at JFA                            

Free Time: Reading / Cooking / Movies / Watching football / Piano / Growing in my faith

Links: FB / Support Tammy

Eva Heath

Originally from: Battle Creek, MI

JFA Junkie since: 2005

Passion: Encouraging people to rise up to their full potential, to think about what they believe and why, and fulfill their own passion in life with excellence.

Bio: Office Manager for Justice For All since 2005 /Majored in stay-at-home motherhood / Mother of 2

Free Time: Reading / Studying / Spending time with Grandson / Public Speaking / Listening to music

Justice For All trains thousands to make abortion unthinkable for millions, one person at a time.

Justice For All promotes respect for people with differing views

and condemns all abortion-related violence.

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Our Mentors can't do their work without the support of the staff who work behind the scenes to process donations, manage the office, process payroll, raise funds, maintain equipment, pack materials, and help with all of the little details that make our Seat Work and Feet Work events a life-changing experience for our volunteers and the people they touch.  

Some of these support staff also work as mentors from time to time, and some also raise financial support.  We are so thankful for each of them embodying the principle of Mark 10:45.

Angie DeWerff

Originally from: Murdock, NE

JFA Junkie since: 2007

Bio: Marketing degree from University of Nebraska-Lincoln / Bookkeeper / Homeschool mom of 4

Free Time: Reading!

Joanna Wagner

Originally from: Atascadero, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Watching unlikely friendships unfold, especially between people who disagree

Bio: B.A. in Sociology from Wheaton / Voice for Life Club President / Sociology & Anthropology Dept. Newsletter Editor - Wheaton College ’10-’11

Free Time: Making Music (vocals/violin) / Baking / Drawing / Spontaneous dance parties

Links: FB / Support Joanna / Newsletters

CK Wisner

Originally from: Derby, KS

JFA Junkie since: 2012

Passion: Being present to the heart of those around me with the truth, love, and grace of Jesus

Bio: Pro-life work since 2012 / Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend / Writer

Free Time: Being with my family and friends / Encouraging People in Jesus / Ultimate Frisbee / Reading / Holding Babies

Links: Newsletters / Support CK

Administrative Staff

Jeremy Gorr

Originally from: Sheboygan, Wisconsin

JFA Junkie since: 2013

Passion: Having conversations that can save lives

Bio: Father of 2 / 20 years in business and tech prior to full-time pro-life work / MBA from UT

Free Time: Playing with kids / Reading / Snowboarding / Cheering for the Packers

Links: Support Jeremy

Training Staff - Speaking, Mentoring, Outreach

Alexis Newhouse

Originally from: Lawrence, KS

JFA Junkie since: 2004

Passion: Watching hearts change

Bio: Pre-Nursing at BCC (on hold indefinitely) / Blessed wife and mother of 4

Free Time: Decorating / Junking / Running / Playing with my kids

Links: FB

Jeremy Wheeler

Originally from: Wichita, KS on the planet earth

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Striving to show others the truth in a loving manner

Bio: JFA volunteer since 2001 / Cancer survivor / Class clown

Free Time: Physical activity / Camping / Time with friends

Links: Support Jeremy

Justice For All Staff

Jordan Newhouse

Originally from: Tucson, AZ

JFA Junkie since: 2009

Passion: Breaking down stereotypes to see the person behind the label

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2014 / Home Educated / Seamstress-Designer

Free Time: Writing / Hand-lettering and Typography/ Singing / Spending time with children

Links: Support Jordan / FB / Blog / Newsletters