Stephen Wagner

Originally from: Atascadero, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2003

Passion: Helping people process their emotions

Bio: Executive Director at JFA / Full-time pro-life work since 2001 / B.M. in Music Education, USC / Co-Creator of the JFA Training Program, 2003-2008 / Director of Training at JFA from 2009-2014 / Author of Common Ground Without Compromise

Free Time: Surprising people / Writing songs

Links: Bio / Blog / FB / Support Steve

Catherine Wurts

Originally from: Ventura, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Mentoring youth to seek and share truth with love (Psalm 85:11)

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2009 / Sign language interpreter 2002-2008 / B.A. Deaf Studies from CSUN

Free Time: Thunderstorms and rock climbing

Links: Newsletters / Support Catherine

Jonathan Wagner

Originally from: Atascadero, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Great arguments change hearts & minds most effectively in the context of great love

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2007 / BA in Business Administration from APU

Free Time: Soccer / Tennis / Teach in church youth group / Mentoring kids and adults

Links: FB / Support Jonathan

Paul Kulas

Originally from: Fountain City, WI

JFA Junkie since: 2005

Passion: Help make abortion become equally as tragic as injustices done to born children

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 1998 / Director of Operations at JFA

Free Time: Playing board games with friends & family / Hanging out with my wife and 7 kids

Links: Support Paul

Jacob Nels

Originally from: Alpharetta, GA

JFA Junkie since: 2009  JFA Staff: 2011-2014

Passion: Sharing the gospel with others, using words only when necessary

Bio: Full-time carpenter since 1998 / Husband of one and father of three

Free Time: Climbing / Camping / Hiking / Movies / Time with my wife

Links: FB / ERI

David Lee

Originally from: Minneola, KS

JFA Junkie since: 1993  JFA Staff: 1993-2014

Passion: Train one

Bio: Founder of JFA and Executive Director from 1993-2014 / Majored in Sports, Psych, & History at KU and Southwestern / M.A. in Biblical Studies (language emphasis) from Calvary / Ordained in the EFCA / Husband of an amazing wife for >3 decades / 14 kids (10 by birth, 4 by adoption)!

Free Time: None (see number of kids above!)

Rebecca Haschke

Originally from: Wide Open Spaces

JFA Junkie since: 2008

Passion: Teaching participants how to respectfully discuss controversial topics

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2009 / B.S. in Business Administration and B.S. in Education & Human Sciences (Spanish) from UNL

Free Time: Campfires / Running / Spending time with family / Being outdoors

Links: Support Rebecca / Gallery

C.E. (Bubba) Garrett

Originally from: Pensacola, FL

JFA Junkie since: 2002

Passion: Equipping the next generation to stand for truth

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2001 / Capt. USMC / B.A. in Biology & History from  Huntingdon College / B.S. in Health, Rec. & Sports from UWF / Married 40 years / Proud parent of 3 biological kids, 6 generic kids

Free Time: Reading / Biking / Hanging with family

Links: Support Bubba / Gallery

Tammy Cook

Originally from: Wichita, KS

JFA Junkie since: 1996

Passion: Teaching others to use their voice to speak up for unborn children who have no voice

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 1996 / Married to Kevin since 1980 / Mother of 3 / B.A. Interior Design / Human Resource Director at JFA                            

Free Time: Reading / Cooking / Movies / Watching football / Piano / Growing in my faith

Links: FB / Support Tammy

Jacob Burow

Originally from: Bryan, TX

JFA Junkie since: 2001  JFA Staff: 2011-2014

Passion: Teaching people the labor of listening

Bio: Residential remodeling for 10 years / Jack of all trades / Volunteer at JFA 2001-2011 / Staff member at JFA 2012-2014

Free Time: Snowboarding / Outdoor sports / Reading / Writing / Shell Casing Art

Links: Blog / FB / ADA

JFA Partners, Volunteer Mentors, and Friends

Eva Heath

Originally from: Battle Creek, MI

JFA Junkie since: 2005

Passion: Encouraging people to rise up to their full potential, to think about what they believe and why, and fulfill their own passion in life with excellence.

Bio: Office Manager for Justice For All since 2005 /Majored in stay-at-home motherhood / Mother of 2

Free Time: Reading / Studying / Spending time with Grandson / Public Speaking / Listening to music

Justice For All trains thousands to make abortion unthinkable for millions, one person at a time.

Justice For All promotes respect for people with differing views

and condemns all abortion-related violence.

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Our Mentors can't do their work without the support of the staff who work behind the scenes to process donations, manage the office, process payroll, raise funds, maintain equipment, pack materials, and help with all of the little details that make our Seat Work and Feet Work events a life-changing experience for our volunteers and the people they touch.  

Some of these support staff also work as mentors from time to time, and some also raise financial support.  We are so thankful for each of them embodying the principle of Mark 10:45.

Angie DeWerff

Originally from: Murdock, NE

JFA Junkie since: 2007

Bio: Marketing degree from University of Nebraska-Lincoln / Bookkeeper / Homeschool mom of 4

Free Time: Reading!

Timothy Brahm

Originally from: Sacramento, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2007  JFA Staff: 2012-2014

Passion: Seeing people grow in knowledge, wisdom, and character

Bio: BA in Philosophy from BIOLA / Graduate of the Torrey Honors Institute / Contributor to Evangelical Outpost

Free Time: Family / Friends / Good conversations

Links:  FB / Blog / ERI

Joanna Wagner

Originally from: Atascadero, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Watching unlikely friendships unfold, especially between people who disagree

Bio: B.A. in Sociology from Wheaton / Voice for Life Club President / Sociology & Anthropology Dept. Newsletter Editor - Wheaton College ’10-’11

Free Time: Making Music (vocals/violin) / Baking / Drawing / Spontaneous dance parties

Links: FB / Support Joanna / Newsletters

Sarah Dufresne

Originally from: Ventura, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2008

Passion: Sharing the truth with a compassionate spirit and encouraging others to do the same

Bio: Studying Theology & Philosophy at Thomas Aquinas College / Student Representative for Pro-Life Activities / Certified JFA Mentor

Free Time: Time with family & friends / Running / Sunsets / Praying with others / Reading / All things Catholic / Spontaneous dance parties

Links: FB / Support Sarah

CK Wisner

Originally from: Derby, KS

JFA Junkie since: 2012

Passion: Being present to the heart of those around me with the truth, love, and grace of Jesus

Bio: Pro-life work since 2012 / Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend / Writer

Free Time: Being with my family and friends / Encouraging People in Jesus / Ultimate Frisbee / Reading / Holding Babies

Links: Newsletters / Support CK

Holly Fugate

Originally from: Adelphi, MD

JFA Junkie since: 2011  JFA Intern: 2013-2014

Passion: Unlocking the power of combined truth and grace

Bio: JFA Intern / B.M. in piano from Wheaton College / Voice for Life Club President

Free Time: Reading / Dancing / Music / Holding babies

Links: Newsletters

JFA Support Staff

Incoming JFA Staff Members

Jeremy Gorr

Originally from: Sheboygan, Wisconsin

JFA Junkie since: 2013

Passion: Having conversations that can save lives

Bio: Father of 2 / 20 years in business and tech prior to full-time pro-life work / MBA from UT

Free Time: Playing with kids / Reading / Snowboarding / Cheering for the Packers

Links: Support Jeremy

JFA Staff Mentors

Alexis Newhouse

Originally from: Lawrence, KS

JFA Junkie since: 2004

Passion: Watching hearts change

Bio: Pre-Nursing at BCC (on hold indefinitely) / Blessed wife and mother of 4

Free Time: Decorating / Junking / Running / Playing with my kids

Links: FB

Jeremy Wheeler

Originally from: Wichita, KS on the planet earth

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Striving to show others the truth in a loving manner

Bio: JFA volunteer since 2001 / Cancer survivor / Class clown

Free Time: Physical activity / Camping / Time with friends

Links: Support Jeremy

JFA’s Founder and Other Notable Staff Alumni

Claire Gerthe

Originally from: Longmont, CO

JFA Junkie since: 2009  JFA Intern: 2009-2011

Passion: Helping people understand what they believe so they are ready to give a defense for the hope that is in them

Bio: / EMT / Piano instructor / Student of midwifery

Free Time: Deep talks with friends / Playing piano & singing / Baking / Asking challenging questions

Links: FB

Brit Nels

Originally from: Woodstock, GA

JFA Junkie since: 2009

Passion: Finding out what is True

Bio: Nursing major at KSU (on hold) / Blessed wife since 2007 / Mother of 3

Free Time: Climbing / Learning / Reading to my kids / Movies with my husband

Links: FB

Dr. Daryl Rodriguez

Originally from: San Antonio, TX

JFA Junkie since: 2011

Passion: Teaching to transform lives

Bio: Pro-life work since 1991 / Ordained Minister / Bachelor of Fine Arts from UTSA / Master of Theology from DTS / Doctor of Ministry from SES / Planted and pastored a church

Free Time: Studying things of the Lord / Spending time with my wife / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Outdoors

Links: Website / FB

Trent Horn

Originally from: Phoenix, AZ

JFA Junkie since: 2009  JFA Intern: 2010-2011

Passion: Teaching people to defend their beliefs in a secular world

Bio: JFA staff member, 2009-2011 / Master's Degree in Theology from Steubenville

Free Time: Reading philosophy / Playing video games / Hanging out with friends

Links: Video / Blog / Bio

Lori Navrodtzke

Originally from: Chicago, IL

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Breaking the chains of deception by sharing the truth in love.

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2007 / BA in Social Work, Concordia / Pursuing MS in Counseling at GCU / Mother of 1 (Already in Heaven)       

Free Time: Photography / Hiking / Reading / Hanging with friends

Links: Silent No More / FB

Laura Horn

Originally from: Albuquerque, NM

JFA Junkie since: 2008

Passion: Presenting a believable pro-life message to the secular world

Bio: Full-time and part-time pro-life work since 2009 / Degree in Nursing

Free Time: Studying / Praying / Spending time with my wonderful husband!

Josh Brahm

Originally from: Fresno, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2006

Passion: Helping people think clearly and engage relationally

Bio: President of the Equal Rights Institute / Pro-life work since 2004 / Father of 3

Free Time: Plays with a local rock band / Volunteer worship leader at church

Links: ERI / Life Report / YouTube / FB / Blog

Joshua Pedrick

Originally from: Houston, TX

JFA Junkie since: 2006  JFA Intern: 2010

Passion: Standing firm on the truth & reaching others for Christ

Bio: Past JFA Intern, 2010 / Majoring in Religion at Trinity University in San Antonio

Free Time: Reading / Studying / Singing

Paul Wilson

Originally from: Nogales, AZ

JFA Junkie since: 2005

Passion: Being an ambassador for Christ all of the time  (It feels like hitting a grand slam as you follow Christ & help others to do the same.)

Bio: Child of God since age 4 / Husband of Cheryl since 1974 / Father of 2 / Grandfather of 5 /   Electrical Engineer since 1977 / Volunteer Event Coordinator for JFA in Tucson, AZ

Free Time: Spending time with my wife & family / Learning, especially through interaction / Playing basketball / Riding motorcycles / Things of the Lord

Links:  FB

Elizabeth Goddard

Originally from: Woodlake, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2008

Passion: Taking high emotional conflicts and producing peace, logic, and relationships

Bio: BA in Communication, FSU / Long-term volunteer for Right to Life of Central California / Life Report co-host / Court and Community Mediator at the Better Business Bureau

Free Time: What is free time?

Links: Life Report

David France

Originally from: Hartford, CT

JFA Junkie since: 2002

Passion: “Those who lose their life for my sake, will find it.”

Bio: Violinist / Educator / Performed in the Youtube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall / Student at the New England Conservatory / Promoting orchestra participation as a youth intervention

Free Time: Traveling


Sierra Seaward

Originally from: Woodlake, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2008

Passion: Use your gifts, strengthen your weaknesses

Bio: AS Social Studies / Homeschooling mother / Volunteer with RLCC

Free Time: Extreme couponing / Gardening

Brenda Kilhoffer

Originally from: Goodyear, AZ

JFA Junkie since: 2011

Passion: Inspiring others to live out their passions and dreams with boldness and courage

Bio: Author, Spirit Slowly Fading / Mother and Wife / Air Force Veteran

Free Time: Hiking / Camping / NASCAR / Reading

Links: Blog / FB Page / FB Profile

Keven Smith

Originally from: Phoenix, AZ

JFA Junkie since: 2009

Passion: Helping people go beyond bumper-sticker rhetoric and start thinking critically

Bio: B.M. Curtis Institute of Music / Master of Professional Writing, USC / Married, father of two

Free Time: Gregorian Chant / Great Catholic Books / Physical fitness / Coffee / Nutrition and natural healing

Clinton Wilcox

Originally from: Fresno, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2010

Passion: Helping people articulate philosophical concerns in relatable ways

Bio: Professional Musician / Philosophy Buff

Free Time: Music / Rock Band / Reading

Links: Website / FB / Blog

Kyle Goddard

Originally from: Fresno, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2009

Passion: Nurturing a passion in others for reaching people through dialogue

Bio: Director of outreach at Right to Life of Central California / Husband and Class A Geek

Free Time: Web design, Board & Video games, Netflix with my wife

Links: Life Report / FB / RLCC

Gabi Vehrs

Originally from: Fresno, CA

JFA Junkie since: 2010

Passion: Helping others represent Christ well

Bio: Outreach Intern at Right to Life of Central California / President of Students for Life at Fresno City College

Free Time: Good conversations / Talking about Jesus / Philosophy

Antionette Duck

Originally from: Columbus, GA

JFA Junkie since: 2005

Passion: Interceding for life, reconciling others to the truth

Bio: Attorney / B.A. in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame / J.D. Regent School of Law 2010

Free Time: Photo Journalism / Salsa Dancing / Calvin & Hobbes / Quality time with friends and family

Katie Worley

Originally from: Phoenix, AZ

JFA Junkie since: 2012

Passion: Inspiring passion in others to defend the defenseless

Bio: Student at Washington University in St. Loius, MO / College Athlete (Basketball)

Free Time: Basketball / Singing / Friends / Talking about abortion

Links:  FB / ADA

Cody Reed

Originally from: Jarreau, LA

JFA Junkie since: 2012

Passion: Bringing truth, informing minds, changing hearts, saving lives

Bio: Assistant Youth Programs Director at Louisiana Right to Life / Liberal Arts and Philosophy degree from St. Joseph College and Abbey / 2007 Graduate of Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts

Free Time: Being awesome / Having fun / Learning more about the world

Links: FB / LARTL FB

Andrew Carlson

Originally from: Orlando, FL

JFA Junkie since: 2012

Passion: Teaching people to communicate compassionately and reaching hearts and minds

Bio: Majoring in Business administration at Texas A&M / Founder & President of Pro-Life Buccaneers at Blinn College, 2011-2013 / Sidewalk Counselor 

Free Time: Friends / Politics / Golf / Singing and playing instruments

Links: FB

Some of the people shown below are still very involved with the JFA Training Program as fully certified volunteer mentors.  Others have been certified in the past and continue to join us for outreach events on occasion.  Some are now using their JFA experiences and training in other pro-life organizations and endeavors.  All of them are dear friends of the JFA community and share JFA’s heart for outreach.

Although not an exhaustive list, the people shown below served as JFA staff members for at least six months.  In the case of our Founder, he served for more than twenty years.  Although they have have moved on to other endeavors now, we thank God for allowing us to serve alongside them for a time, and we thank them for their dedication to JFA’s work.  Some of these continue to serve as fully certified mentors in the JFA Training Program.  Others still join JFA for outreach on occasion.

Meet the Mentors

Jordan Newhouse

Originally from: Tucson, AZ

JFA Junkie since: 2009

Passion: Breaking down stereotypes to see the person behind the label

Bio: Full-time pro-life work since 2014 / Home Educated / Seamstress-Designer

Free Time: Writing / Hand-lettering and Typography/ Singing / Spending time with children

Links: Support Jordan / FB / Blog / Newsletters

John Michener

Originally from: My mom and dad

JFA Junkie since: 2007  JFA Staff: 2010-2014

Passion: Bringing fun to serious work

Bio: Former speech and debate coach / Entrepreneur / OC Alumnus

Free Time: Soaking up the sun / Watching my daughters learn / Camping and hiking

Links: Newsletters